Our Ambassadors

Nadine Muller

As an Emergency Registered Nurse currently enlisted in the Australian Military (RAAF) for the past ten years, a Personal Trainer and F45 Group Fitness Coach - Health and fitness is at the forefront of what I do professionally, but more notably since becoming a Mother did my passion for it reach new heights for me personally. I saw the strength, tenacity and resilience of the female human body through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum which allowed me to wholeheartedly appreciate just how remarkable the human body is and how thankful we should be each day for it. As a Nurse, PT and Coach I get to meet, interact with and connect with so many people everybody both face-to-face and online. I get to advocate and spread the good word of health being a lifetime commitment with ever-changing goals along the way. I get to apply my passion, ability, knowledge, experience and sheer love for health and fitness in the hope to uplift, inspire, encourage, motivate and enrich others and that is something I'm immensely proud of. I absolutely love being a part of the Green Tea X50 family and have adored the journey with them from Day 1, I cannot speak any more highly of the Green Tea X50 team and cannot recommend their products enough to my clients, family and friends! If I had to choose my most favourite product from their extensive range it would have to be the ease and convenience of the RTD Protein shakes especially in Chocolate and of course I can never go past Green Tea X50's infamous Broccoli Chips! To my X50 Family - thanks for your ongoing support!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nadinemullerPT
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nadinemuller__




Christine Ray

Hi! My name is Christine Ray and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I am a dual PRO Athlete receiving my IFBB pro card in 2015 and recently my WBFF Fitness PRO Card in July 2017. I am also the sole owner and head trainer of my company - Rayzor Fitness, and of course a proud brand athlete for X50. 

I currently work full time for Rayzor Fitness doing everything from personal training, competition coaching, Bootcamp’s and online training. Other then working with all my amazing clients my next goal is to take the WBFF Pro Circuit on next year !! 

Like many other women out there - I have PCOS so I have to be super careful about the supplements I use to fuel my training and body. I can honestly say I trust and use the X50 range. My favourite products are the Broccoli Chips (great snack between my meals!) and the Skinny Protein (Chocolate flavoured) post my training sessions. 

I live and breathe fitness and I hope to lead by example and encourage, inspire, educate and support all people to live a healthier and happier life. Be the best version of you!!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/christinerayzor
Instagram: www.instagram.com/christinerayzor




Tamara Meyer

My name is Tamara Meyer and I am the owner of Tamara Meyer Fitness, a fitness model, a coach for bikini/fitness model athletes and a brand ambassador for Green Tea X50. I am currently third in the BIKINI SHORT category for WBFF Australia and aspire to be the next WBFF Bikini Short Pro. I was never a big supplement user as I was very sensitive to products but when I started using Green TeaX50 I started to feel more energised and now use it for breakfast, training and post workout. My favourite products are the Green Tea X50 Pina Colada sachet, Skinny Protein Chocolate AND the Broccoli Chips! I believe in Empowering Dreams and Leading by Example. I strive for creating a healthier, fitter life and believe in loving yourself foremost as well as leading a healthy balanced life.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tamarameyerfitness
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tamarameyerfitness
Website: www.tamarameyerfitness.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/TamaraMeyer1




Amanda Matthews

Hey everyone, my name is Amanda Matthews and im from S.A! I have just joined the world of fitness model competitions with chosen federation of the WBFF. So far I have had a successful run and have loved every minute of it! I am very passionate about the health and fitness industry and practice what I preach. I am the owner of 2 independent supplement stores and I am a qualified hairdresser by trade. As a supplement store owner, I see a lot of brands come and go in the industry. I have always loved tribeca as a brand and have been using the X50 green teas for years. As a non coffee drinker,  I find the X50 teas give me a real boost of energy to get me through my busy days and the broccoli chips are a fantastic snack!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/amandamatthews




Camila Barros

Camila is a Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Coach, who specialise in training and empowering women through functionality, mindset and strength training. Camila live and breathe fitness and love inspiring others to be as healthy, fit and strong as they can be. 

Camila has a huge weight loss journey (lost 47kg!) and through a lot of dedication and hard work, she is now a fitness model and WBFF Figure Diva Champion.

“I am passionate about inspiring and educating others on how to exercise, eat better and improve their mindset for longevity and sustainable results.”

“I am so grateful to be part of the THS Nutrition/Green Tea X50 family as we are such a supportive team with same drive and mindset. My favourite product is the X50 Broccoli Chips!!! Such a healthy snack, high in fibre and minimum calories = winning!!!”

Instagram: www.instagram.com/camilabarros_official




Caty King

I am a Personal Trainer located in Melbourne and WBFF Bikini Competitor and former ANB Bikini Pro.

I live and breathe Health and Fitness, it is my biggest passion being able to share what I love and help women feel strong and empowered to change their own lives through healthy living! 

I started using Green Tea X50 back in 2015 when I first started competing and I absolutely loved it! 

My favourite products are definitely the Green Tea X50 Pina Colada sachet and the RTD Chocolate Skinny Protein!

You only have one body so love it, train it and nourish it with Green Tea X50 products!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/catyking_




Ness Herrera

My name is Ness, and I'm a professional bikini competitor and online personal trainer and health and fitness mentor. I have dedicated my life to all things health and fitness and challenging myself through prepping myself for competitions both locally and internationally. Prepping for a comp isn't easy, as temptation is everywhere! Body building alone is a mental challenge when it comes to focus and discipline with diet and exercise. Though thankfully I always have team X50 to have my back with their amazing products which are a lifesaver for those days when sweet cravings take over! A healthy mind comes from a healthy body, so it is important to nourish your body with the right products.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ness.herrera12
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nessherrera/




Lisa King

Hi my name is Lisa and I'm a 34 year old PT. I specialise in helping mum's reach their goals post pregnancy.

I'm a WBFF competitor who plans on competing internationally in 2018 in the open division and in the over 35's division showing women all over the world that age shouldn't be a factor.

I started my journey when I lost my daughter Piper 5 and 1/2 years ago, I needed something to make me feel strong and in control again and the gym was the only place where I didn't feel the grief so intensely. Since then it has just been to continue mental and physical health and it's apart of who I am.

I feel in love with X50 broccoli chips recently and with them I taught myself that you can still snack guilt free without putting on weight. The green tea also gets me through some extremely long days and hard sessions.

I'm so excited to be apart of a brand I believe in and can't wait to share my journey with all of you.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lisak_bikini




Melissa Manning

I am Womens strength coach and the owner of Build A Bikini body. I've competed in bikini comps in IFBB in Australia and overseas. I just recently became a mummy and im loving it, its defenitly and job in itself. Through my pregnancy and postpartum journey its taught me so much about myself mentally and physically. I am amazed still to this day how a womans body can nurture and grow life as well as birth it. What an empowered feeling that is!

I am not about quick fixes I believe in achieving and maintaing a healthy lifestyle through training I enjoy. Its something I live as a lifestyle. I am so passionate about health and fitness and being a good advocate in helping women turn fitness into something they enjoy and feel empowered and strong by.  I also want to help creatate awareness in nutrition as a lifestyle helping women turn this into healthful eating habits.

I love being a part of Green TeaX50 and THS as they represent a wide range of products that can be used in everyday life achieving results for all types of goals. My favourite Green TeaX50 product would have to be the Instant super green smoothie and the High protein omellette both great to have any time of the day. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/melmanningbuildabikinibody
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mel_manning_
Instagram: www.instagram.com/build_a_bikini_body



Michelle Kimberlee

Michelle is a fitness model who has been published in magazines in the USA, China and Australia. 
She has appeared on the cover of China’s Fitness and Beauty magazine three times and has been featured in magazines including Iron Man, Men’s Fitness and Muscular Development.
Michelle is a WFF Bikini Pro and is the 2016 Asia Pacific champion & Kahma Classic champion in both 2016 and 2017. She competed in Ireland, Dublin in 2016 as the only Bikini Pro representing Australia and came 3rd in the world. Since graduating from university, Michelle is able to use her passion for health and fitness to mentor many people of all ages in fitness training, nutrition and wellbeing. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/michellekimberlee




Giselle Kaplan

Hey everyone, I'm Giselle, I'm 25 from Melbourne and have been running my own personal training business the last 5 years. I love feeling healthy, strong and fit and helping others achieve this is my passion. I want to motivate and educate people that it is possible to maintain a happy, confident body body all year round.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/gisellekaplanfit




Monique De Dios

Monique is a personal trainer from Melbourne, Victoria.  She loves weights and takes her leg day very seriously.  Monique teaches her clients to self love and embrace your curves. She also runs bootcamps, mobile PT and personal training at gyms.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dizzy_fitness




Aleysha Chapman

Hey! My name is Aleysha - I'm a mum, wife, and ex swimmer turned gym fanatic.

I started training in the gym soon after I had my daughter - I missed the training and competitiveness of my swimming days and I wanted to feel good about my body again. Over the years I've discovered that looking 'great' is just a side effect of appreciating and nourishing my body and challenging myself in the gym.

I became a WFF Sports Model Pro in 2015 and it motivated me more than ever to encourage other women to get active and chase their dreams, changing their lifestyles with weight training and nutrition. 

There's something about the dedication needed to be competitive in this sport that makes me feel both humbled and inspired at the same time and keeps me coming back for more!

Being so active and running around after my little one has made me very conscious about what I eat and fuel my body with and that's why I really appreciate the range of amazing products Greentea X50 have, they keep me going! My favourites are original Greentea and Instant Supergreens smoothie. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fifty_shades_of_fit



Aisling Speight

Let me start by saying I absolutely love Green Tea X50 and THS Nutrition products! I am a very proud to represent this brand as they produce high quality, nutritious products that have helped me in my fitness journey. I am a WFF figure pro who also competes in powerlifting so health is extremely important to me. Green Tea X50 and THS Nutrition are fantastic brands who continue to produce amazing products which make dieting and prep a lot easy for someone like myself. My favourite products are the BBQ X50 Broccoli Chips and the Tropical Green Tea X50!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aislingspeight_fitangel




Belinda Mundy

My name is Belinda, I am 20 years old from Brisbane, Queensland. I am the Founder/Owner of MISSFITCO a new female fitness accessories store. I am passionate about all things health, fitness and wellbeing. I love being a part of the X50 team and love all of their amazing products but my all time favourites would have to be the Broccoli Chips (I never leave the house without a packet in my bag) and the Skinny Protein – cookies and cream flavour.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/belindamundy



Ben Rowe

My name is Ben Rowe and I've been working in the health and fitness industry for over 11 years now. I’m a coach specializing in body transformations and training competitive athletes based in the UK. 

I also worked for 8.5 years in the Police Service before starting my own company ‘Team Benbo Body Coaching & Performance’, which focuses on enabling my clients to realize and achieve their full potential. I’m also the founder of The Body College - a fat loss and exercise community network. I’ve been competing in bodybuilding since 2013 and I’m a four time British Championship finalist. I’m addicted to progression and goal setting and the best job satisfaction for me comes when I can assist my clients to achieve goals they didn’t even think were possible. Also to see clients improve their body confidence, self esteem and lifestyle makes my job all the more worthwhile. My favorite Tribeca product as of late has to be the flavored X50 Green Tea. During my last competition prep this was a great addition to my diet, boosting my metabolism and immune system whilst on a low calorie diet, I particularly loved to use this first thing in the morning during my fasted cardio and also during the day between meals. This product is also great for all year round use to receive the health benefits of a powerful, high quality and great tasting green tea supplement.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/teambenbo
Instagram: www.instagram.com/teambenbo
Website: www.teambenbo.co.uk



Ebony Page

My name is Ebony Page, I am 27 years young. Part time model, Personal Trainer & the owner of a ninja cat called Chan. I love my full-time job as a Personal Trainer & this was shown when I won Personal Trainer of the Year for Jetts Western Australia in 2016. I am passionate about helping people & assisting in gaining confidence in themselves too. My favourite product from Tribecca Health would have to be Green Tea X50 Peach Flavour. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ebony.richelle.page
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ebony_page_bikini_model




Elise Clarke

Hey, My name is Elise Clarke. I Have been around the fitness Industry for over 6 years, I am the Assistant Manager and a Personal Trainer at Snap Fitness Bendigo. Where I strive in seeing my clients and others around me reach their goals both Physically and Mentally. I am a massive believer in Self-Love, and Finding Happiness everywhere. I love to push myself and try new things in the gym especially when it comes to legs/booty. 

I am overwhelmed to be a part of such an Incredible company, I have been having Green Tea X50 drinks for over 3 years and I love the way I feel when I have them and how it gets me through long hours at work, the mango sachets are definitely my Favourite. I am also a massive fan of the Broccoli Chips in Spicy and the Skinny Protein.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/elise.clarke_




Georgi Baines

Hey guys I'm Georgi. I absolutely love the beach, anything that involves adrenaline, the outdoors and am driven for life. I enjoy pushing myself to my limits and reaching goals. I believe a strong purpose, motivation and positive energy will take anyone a long distance no matter their goals. I am currently a student registered nurse and bikini fitness competitor. I have a strong passion for health & fitness and conveying knowledge onto others. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jorggi




Holly Pfeiffer

I am extremely passionate about health and fitness, it has played a large role in my life since i was a teenager and keeping myself fit and healthy both inside and out is very important to me. I train at JPS Health and Fitness in Airport West, Melbourne with Jacob Schepis and compete in Powerlifting as well as being a Bikini/Fitness Bodybuilding competitor with the WBFF. I am currently working with Goodlife as a Customer Service Manager but will be making the change to working as a Personal Trainer by 2018.

My favourite GreenteaX50 product is by far their Cookies and Cream Skinny Protein powder, i basically use this every single day in my breakfast, whether i am making a protein smoothy or cooking up my Protein Waffles .

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hollypfeiffersportsmodel
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hollypfeiffer, www.instagram.com/hollypfeiffer_fit



Jademaree McPhee

My name is Jademaree McPhee I compete with the WBFF as a Figure Diva model. My goal is to become pro with the WBFF and compete overseas. I am lucky enough to be an ambassador for greenteax50 as this is a product I couldn't speak of more highly. I use greenteax50 Vegan protein every day all year in and out of comp preps as well as the barista pack of greenteax50 sachets . Not to mention the broccoli chips that have been a massive hit in my house hold.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jade_pt_




Jess Angelopoulos

My name is Jess, I'm 22 years old and an aspiring fitness model! I started competing in bikini and fitness comps in 2015, when I was first introduced to the gym and weight training by my coach Michael Lee of Mike's Team! I've always been an active person, playing sports when I was younger; netball and dancing, but now I absolutely love being able to train heavy in the gym and lead a healthy and positive life! My favourite X50 products are the BBQ Broccoli Chips and the Iced Coffee flavour RTD Protein!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jessgisella___.fitness




Jessica Dickson

Hi, My name is Jess and I am an advocate for happy and healthy living. I am avid lover and follower of the bodybuilding world and have previously won a number of shows within the now called ICN. However these shows are only an aspect of my day to day life. I am developing myself into fitness professional that aims to heighten the level of self-love and self-worth in individuals as well as broadening their knowledge of training and nutrition. I am so proud to wear the Green Tea X50 banner and to be a Brand Ambassador for an Australian Company whose products provide so many benefits to its consumers. My all-time favourite product is the Raw Vegan Organic Vanilla Protein Powder and I cannot go a day without it! 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/missjessicaannBikiniPro
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jesster__




Keisha Mae

My name is Keisha Mae and I am a photographer, animal activist and model from Newcastle NSW. I am also a vegan, I love animals too much to put them into my body. I like to eat healthy, raw, and organic. What I put into my body is extremely important to me. Living a cruelty free lifestyle always puts things into perspective and really changes my mind body and soul. Your body is your temple and I am so excited that I am an ambassador for a product that supplies and provides yummy vegan treats such as the Broccoli Chips also different flavours in the X50 Raw Vegan Organic Protein powder, vanilla flavour is my fave. Having these options amongst more in the Green Tea is amazing and a must for me. It goes well with my organic lifestyle and just expands and helps me keep my body in shape not only that it keeps me proactive. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/keishamae_w




Lacey Blackman

Hi! My name is Lacey and I am a personal trainer and professional bikini athlete from Brisbane. I'm incredibly passionate about nutrition and fitness, which is why Tribeca Health products form a large part of my lifestyle philosophy. I am so proud to be an X50 Ambassador because of all the positive health benefits I have experienced from incorporating their range of protein powders and Green Tea energy drinks into my daily diet. I love kick-starting my mornings with the Lemon & Ginger Green Tea X50, and finishing my workouts with a Raw Vegan Organic Vanilla Protein shake.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/leanlikelacey
Instagram: www.instagram.com/leanlikelacey




Maria Caparon

Hello, I’m Maria and I’m a Natural Bikini Pro Athlete and work full time in HR. As I work in corporate, every day is a rat race, training in the morning and running around for meetings all day with x3 cups of triple shot black coffee. Hence it is important for me to take the right supplements in order to function at work and in training. My absolute favourite is the X50 Green tea Peach flavour. I managed to cut down my coffee intake and replace it with green tea, giving me just as much energy and focus during the day.

I also love to snack on Broccoli chips and Oateins at work, with my colleagues noticing these products on my desk and have started ordering off me! With Facebook headquarters and other T1 organisations in my building, I network and promote my passion for nutrition and fitness along with corporate talk, which most people do find fascinating and appreciate. I am so thrilled to be a part of the THS team and further promote these fantastic products to colleagues, friends and family!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mariakarenc




Sally Wu

Hi, I’m Sally - a personal trainer and bikini competitor from the Gold Coast. My mission in the fitness industry is to support individuals on their health and fitness journeys, as well as to educate, motivate, inspire, and empower others. Health and fitness is my love and passion, and I am committed to helping individuals become their best self, both physically and mentally. 

I am beyond excited and proud to join the THS Nutrition/ Green Tea X50 family, and to represent a brand that I truly believe in.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sallygabriella_fit




Sam Brown

I'm a female 55-58kg Muay Thai and kickboxing fighter. I'm the current 57kg enfusion kickboxing world champion, I also hold 4 Australian titles WBC, WKBF, CMT & ISKA and the 2016 Australian female Muay Thai fighter of the year. I live and fight out Brisbane, Australia, and LOVE my daily Green Tea X50 energy burst. My life with the help of THS Nutrition has improved so much it supports my training and maintaining my weight!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/samnanubrown
Instagram: www.instagram.com/samleejen_ntg




Sarah Reynolds

Hey, I'm Sarah! Owner of SR Fitness. I'm a passionate and accomplished personal trainer/fitness instructor who has been in the industry for almost 10 years. I love helping people create and live a healthy and active lifestyle. Working out is one of my favourite things to do and when I need an energy boost when exercising, Green Tea X50 gives me the energy I need to get me through the session! Tribeca Health have a fantastic range of products and it’s great to be part of the team!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/srfitness1
Instagram: www.instagram.com/srfitness1




Shadi Hosseini

My name is Shadi many call me “Shads”. I’m the Director/Owner of “Back To Basics 4 Life Fitness”. It’s a personal training service I provide for all, female and males. I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 years and currently studying nutrition to aid all my clients to achieve their personal goal. I’m also a fitness model and brand ambassador for Green Tea X50. I absolutely love Mango Green Tea X50, also love the Broccoli Chips seriously the best guilt free snacks out! If there is one thing I’ve learnt, is practice what you preach, you will achieve what the mind believes. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/backtobasics4lifefitness
Instagram: www.instagram.com/backtobasics4lifefitness




Siobahn Gordon

Hey guys! I'm Siobahn, a wife, mother and studying PT.

I'm also a person who claimed back her health and discovered a passion for health and fitness - losing 35kg over the course of 2016.
I am now incredibly passionate about helping people on thier own journey to welness. I started my facebook page The Fit Kitchen with Siobahn as means to track my progress but now using it to reach out and help as many people as I can.

Green Tea X50 has been there from day 1 of my journey and it is hard for me to pinpoint a single favourite product! My day always starts with a stack of protein pancakes using X50 raw vegan protein and I credit the spring in my step to an afternoon Cranberry X50 tea. 

I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of such an AMAZING team making waves in the industry.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/siobahnskitchen
Instagram: www.instagram.com/siobahns_journey2fit




Tarsha Pranoto

Hey guys, My name is Tarsh from Melbourne. I have currently been competing throughout the past year as a Fitness and Sports model athlete. Pushing the limits, setting the expectations high and striving every single day towards that ultimate goal is what I love and it's true, hard work truly does pay off. I am also a passionate group fitness instructor, where I create a fun and positive environment for my clients to thrive and challenge themselves both mentally and physically. Watching my clients grow into confident and strong individuals is why I love what I do. 
I believe a healthy lifestyle should be about loving the skin your in, most importantly nourishing the body from the inside out. So in saying that I am super excited to be apart of the THS Nutrition/Green Tea X50 team and represent a product I believe in. I couldn't get through my preps without my favourite X50 Mango Green Tea and the X50 Instant Super Green Smoothie to kick start my day... Plus it's gluten and dairy free AND vegan friendly!
Looking forward to sharing my journey with all. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tarshaholly




Voula Papadopoulos

My name is Voula and I am passionate about health and fitness. I train at F45 Engadine and believe in a holistic approach to health. I currently work for The Upside and am extremely passionate about the brand. 

My favourite GreenteaX50 products is Skinny Protein Vanilla and Chocolate powder for my smoothies and pancakes and I am addicted to the Broccoli chips.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/houseofpaparazzi